Synthetic Single Crystal Diamond Products from Element Six

Welcome to the Element Six Monocrystal MSP products web site.

Our large range of synthetic single crystal diamond plates are developed for high-end precision engineering cutting tool applications. Monocrystal plates are between 6 mm to 10mm in dimension, with a thickness of up to 1.6mm, each having its own unique characteristics.

Each individual product undergoes rigorous quality control and characterisation before being offered for sale. Pricing structures are based on size, grade and laser cutting requirements.


How to buy    

Select the individual product that you require from the currently available stock and order directly through one of our Sales Offices.  Alternatively, you can buy direct via this site using any major credit card.


Product Range

Details of the full Element Six product range and brochures can be found under the Monocrystal Applications drop down menu, follow the various links to find a synthetic diamond product to suit your application.


Standard Products and Special Offers

E6Mono now offers its Standard Product range and also some selected Non-Standard product  for sale.  Follow the links to access these pages but to view these items you must register or Login.

Special Offers

Standard Products

Products will be refreshed on a regular basis.